Probiotics vs. Chemical cleaners

Probiotics vs. Chemical cleaners

Probiotics vs. Chemical cleaners

The benefits of probiotics are huge. For healthy guts, probiotics such as kombucha and kimchi have been long hailed for their health benefits. Probiotics have also found their way into skin care, helping to balance the skin's natural microbiome. 

More recently, probiotics have been playing an important role in cleaning. Unlike conventional anti-bacterial cleaners that destroy every single type of bacteria, pro-bacterial agents work to target germs from within, with the good bacteria outcompeting the bad. Studies have shown just how beneficial these cleaners can be in environments that have extremely high sanitizing protocols. One study examined the efficiency of probiotic cleaning products in dental rooms. Another study tested the effectiveness of these cleaners in a hospital environment, even going so far as to remove drug-resistant bacteria. In both cases, the results were clear – probiotic cleaners effectively helped to remove pathogens. 

What these studies show is that there are many benefits of probiotics – especially when cleaning your home, providing a safe way to clean without the potential harm on the environment. 


Probiotics vs. Sanitizers

The Benefits of Probiotics

For years, we have been taught that ALL bacteria are bad. Standard conventional cleaning agents contain high levels of chemicals that are made specifically for stripping away bacteria – whether that bacteria is good or bad. When we talk about 'good' bacteria and 'bad' bacteria, we mean whether that bacteria has the ability to do harm, like result in irritation, illness or infection. Destroying bad bacteria is important for both conventional and probiotic cleaners, probiotic cleaners just do it the way nature intended. 

In nature, good and bad bacteria are balanced, constantly keeping each other in check. In the modern world, we’ve managed to disrupt that balance, often through the use of harsh chemicals. In fact, 95% of bacteria can be considered good bacteria, meaning we are removing a lot of bacteria for a handful of harmful bacteria. Why not get those good bacteria to do the work for you? 

Probiotic cleaning solutions are extremely efficient at removing dirt and grime right at the source, and they are great at destroying harmful bacteria – they’re been doing it for millions of years! Probiotic cleaning agents flood the area, surface or fabric with good bacteria which get straight to work at breaking down dirt and grime. They use this as energy to grow and multiply, so they can outcompete and eliminate harmful bacteria. Probiotic cleaning solutions also provide an additional aspect of protection, as they continue to clean and eliminate bacteria for up to 48 hours after use.

Cleaning solutions made from probiotic bacteria are made from nature, so they cause very little environmental impact in comparison to conventional cleaners. Products in our Probiotic Range contain no harsh chemicals, are environmentally friendly, vegan-friendly, anti-cruelty, and are mostly waterless. 

The most important benefits of probiotics for a healthy home include the following:

  • The ability to fight harmful bacteria from the inside out, removing harmful bacteria far more effectively than traditional products.

  • A longer-lasting result. The GoodBasics range of probiotic products work immediately and continue working for up to 48 hours after use. 

  • Better for the environment. Probiotic products typically contain only bacterial strains and water, with others containing added ingredients that are cruelty-free, vegan and completely safe for adults and kids. This means that you will never have to worry about leaving a negative environmental footprint.


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