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GoodBasics offers you a safer way to clean. Our probiotic cleaning range includes products containing healthy bacteria that clean and remove germs effectively. With no harsh chemicals or additives, each product is made to break down dirt and germs at the source with the help of probiotic bacteria. We also offer a sanitizer range that includes sprays and wipes for complete protection. Our formulas are not only better for the environment; they're safer for you too. GoodBasics' goal is to revolutionize the way we clean. We provide innovative eco-friendly products that work and cause no unnecessary harm. We aim to create products that are accessible and affordable to all. We are environmentally conscious, so you don’t have to be, through safe, sustainable products that work.


Sustainable, effective cleaning solutions

We exist to make sustainable everyday consumables attractive and affordable.

Our mission is to enable a green lifestyle by giving you everyday products that make sustainability more convenient and make it an active value that forms part of our lives. Instead of using harsh chemicals, we use a pro-bacterial formula in our cleaning products to offer a more effective way to clean that is good for you and for the environment.


We support causes that care

GoodBasics was created with the main goal of making it easier for anyone to make a positive impact on the environment. Naturally, we will partner with organizations that are aligned with our values. As we grow, so will our list of partners. 


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