What are Probiotics?

What are Probiotics?

What are Probiotics?

Simply put, probiotics are all about good bacteria. While it might sound counteractive to use bacteria to remove bacteria, good bacteria contain live micro-organisms that can be far more effective than you may realise. Many strains of bacteria help to destroy germs in a highly effective way, fighting against bad bacteria.

Conventional anti-bacterial products are made to kill any and every type of bacteria. The trouble with this is that some bacteria are essential for germ protection and overall health. Healthy bacteria help you create a balanced ecosystem, cleaning naturally and effectively. With the help of products such as our probiotic cleaning products, you can remove germs naturally and effectively, with minimal impact on the environment. You will even see far better results, as germs are targeted at the source and destroyed internally from the inside out.

What are probiotics, though, and how do they work for cleaning? Let's take a look to find out more.

An Introduction to Probiotics

With COVID-19 still affecting us on a global scale, the demand for sanitizers and cleaning agents has grown more than ever. Many consumers are turning to traditional products to try and remove every single trace of bacteria from hands, surfaces and devices. Everywhere we go, we have gotten used to using hand sanitizer at the entrances to stores and businesses. We use wipes when getting a shopping trolley or basket. We keep sanitizer sprays or wipes in cars, handbags, gym bags, office drawers, and everywhere else to ensure that we are protected on the go. There is a huge need for sanitization, of course. Along with masks, sanitizing products are something we can no longer do without. 

Unfortunately, all of the sanitizing products we used on a daily basis strip away good bacteria. These products also contain harsh chemicals and are seldom environmentally-friendly. Just as probiotic pills help to balance the effects of antibiotics and kombucha and fermented foods help to balance bacteria in our guts, probiotics in cleaning products help to remove germs at the source without the need for harsh ingredients. 

Some of the ways that probiotics work in cleaning products include:

  • Counteracting the growth of harmful germs, including viruses and pathogens;
  • Removing bad bacteria using safe, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients;
  • Eliminating everyday grime without unbalancing microbiomes;
  • Naturally destroying germs in a sustainable, eco-friendly way;
  • Reducing the need for harsh chemicals and additives;
  • Ensuring safety for adults, children and animals.

Essentially, probiotics play a vital role in whole-body health. 

For those who are looking for a safer, more sustainable alternative to conventional cleaning products, probiotic cleaners are the ideal solution. GoodBasics products have been formulated with multiple strains of pro-bacteria, with no harsh ingredients. They are safe for the whole family and can be used when you're on the move, thanks to their compact travel size. From stain removal pens to fabric refreshers, wipes, and sprays, this range has you covered. Browse our range of pro-bacteria products to see just how effective probiotics can be for destroying germs naturally.


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