The GoodBasics Origins Story

The GoodBasics Origins Story

The GoodBasics Origins Story

Creating a Legacy of Sustainability, Exploring Our Commitment to Sustainable Living and How It Shapes Our Brand

In the contemporary world of environmental consciousness, GoodBasics has emerged as a leader in the realm of sustainable cleaning solutions. Founded on the vision of Jo Farah, GoodBasics provides the hygiene and cleaning worlds with biotech infused eco-friendliness.  This is our story.


Our Genesis: A Creative’s Dream

The seed for GoodBasics was planted in Jo Farah's earlier venture, Sneaker LAB, with a focus on developing environmentally friendly products for sneaker care. Recognizing the potential of probiotic cleaning on a broader spectrum, Farah leveraged this technology to establish GoodBasics. With a mission to make greener cleaning accessible, GoodBasics has revolutionized the cleaning industry by introducing eco-friendly products that are safe, effective, and sustainable.


Sustainable Solutions in a Lockdown World

Launched during the COVID-19 lockdown, GoodBasics was born in a time when hygiene and safety were of utmost importance. The brand began in Australia with plans to expand further, and has been growing like probiotic bacteria ever since.


Probiotic Power: The Core of Our Products

GoodBasics' probiotic range is based on an intelligent microbial formula. These innovative products ensure effective cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals. This makes cleaning safe for humans, pets, and the planet at large. The products work at a microbic level, offering deeper freshness that continues cleaning for up to 72 hours after application.


Building a Cleaner Planet, One Product at a Time

GoodBasics' commitment goes beyond just selling products. It's about fostering a movement towards sustainable living. Partnering with organizations that share similar values, GoodBasics is not just a brand—it's a message. We are a thriving community, advocating for a healthier planet.


To learn more about GoodBasics and join this movement, visit our website and follow us on social media. Welcome to the future of cleaning. Welcome to GoodBasics.


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