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Starter Pack

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Our Starter Pack has all the products you need for comprehensive on-the-go cleaning. Travel-sized cleaning products that fit easily into your bag, whether you're heading to the gym, doing your weekly shop or wanting to stay safe at the office. Each pack includes our Air & Surface Spray, Fabric Refresher, Sanitizer Wipes and Sanitizer Spray.

- Purify and clean air and surfaces
- Refresh clothing, towels, linen, pillows and more
- Protect your hands and surfaces against germs

- Safe and effective for hands and surfaces
- High alcohol content for effective germ removal
- Antiviral and antibacterial
- For external use only

Fabric Refresher Spray can be used on all fabrics
Air and Surface Spray can be used on most surfaces and to refresh the air around you
Sanitizer Spray is used to disinfect your hands and surfaces
Wipes can be used on: Cellphones, hands, laptops and more

1. Select the product you want to use from the starter pack
2. Shake the sprays well before use, remove cap & Spray selected items with selected products.

1. Tear open sanitizer wipe at mark on the side
2. Wipe down hands or surfaces
3. Dispose of wipe in a dustbin, not safe for flushing down toilets.

Water, probiotic bacteria, natural preservatives, enzymes, natural surfactants. 70% Ethanol, purified water.